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Epidemic Spreading and Evolutionary Games on Complex Networks

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Posted by Basic Science on March 11, 2012 at 5:57 am
Title Epidemic Spreading and Evolutionary Games on Complex Networks

The epidemic spreading among the people and the strategy in the evolutionary games all can be seen as the dynamic behaviors which conform to certain rules. The scientists focus on how to describe these behaviors and adopting effective measures to control these behaviors.On the foundation of introducing the Basic theory about the complex networks, we mainly investigate three aspects as follows:First, about the epidemic spreading process, after proving that the growth of average degree have a negative effect on epidemic control, we assume that individual has its own resistance, and two different kind of immunization strategy was proposed: one was based on the degree of nodes, the other accorded to individuals’resistance. The results show that the former one was more effective; Second, we research the evolutionary game on networks, in order to investigate the influence of heterogeneous interaction on the evolution of cooperation, we study the classical game models with players located on improved scale-free networks. We propose a new public goods game model, in which the diverse assignment of the investments was adopted. It is found that this strategy can promote cooperation. The last, we designed a structure constructor of network topology, it can create the network topological structure with the user’s input parameters, and analyze the characteristics of degree distribution.

Category Mathematics
Keywords complex networks, epidemic spreading, evolutionary games, Topological Model,
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