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Finite Element Method Simulation and Springback Research on Cold Roll Forming

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Posted by Basic Science on June 19, 2012 at 10:47 pm
Title Finite Element Method Simulation and Springback Research on Cold Roll Forming

With the quick development of economy and the raise continuously of people’s live level, more and more shape beauty、 economy practical、 install convenient cold-roll steel product will be applied in our country.As the application of the material of the efficiently Economic is also more and more extensive. However, cold-roll forming is a complicated sheet and strip steel manufacturing method, the steel sheet own the characteristic of geometric nonlinearity, material nonlinearity and contact boundary nonlinearity on cold roll forming process.Moreover, a lot of factors affect its forming proves. So, cold roll forming technology is a complicated topic. It is relatively poorly understood in our country, and the roll design mainly depends on designer’s experience, many problems in the design can’t also be good to resolve.First of all, this paper introduces domestic and international relevant forming craft technique、 forming theory、 numerical simulation of roll forming process. Combine to the mechanics Basic theories and the domestic and international CAD/CAE development condition of cold-roll forming to make detailed description, And elaborated to the theories (geometric nonlinearity、 material nonlinearity and contact boundary nonlinearity) and mechanics foundation (Material width, model angle and spring-back etc) of cold-roll forming . Elaborated to the background and the meaning of this text.Considering the actual forming process is a dynamics process, adopted the 3D elastic-plastic finite element method and based on true producing condition, the variety rules of forming stress and strain are analyzed by the numbers. Other important parameters are received by simulation and the reality simulation for C producing process is realized. This paper has also analyzed the roll forming process of the different thickness metal sheet ,and carried on systematic research of all kings of different forming parameters influencing on forming process. Get the factor of material thickness、 roller’s distance and model angle to the stress and strain’s influence regulation . This paper carry on theoretical and experimental research on roll forming process systematically.Used the dynamic calculation result of ANSYS as the initial stress condition, the unloading values of the finished products are obtained by implicit calculating block . Considering the factor of the mechanics property of the material 、 the hardening model、 thematerial thickness、 roller’s distance and model angle to the influence with accuracy of the spring-back value, Combine with the spring-back value in produce, to verify credibility of the imitate result, make to imitate result be used for guiding actual production really . Moreover, The research results of this thesis have a good reference function for exploiting of new roll-forming products 、 roller mould design and the calculation and controls of spring-back.

Category Basic Science
Keywords ANSYS/LS-DYNA, cold-roll forming, explicit dynamic, finite element method(FEM), numerical simulation, spring-back,
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